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Looking for IT efficiency/Value ?

This core team formed by highly dynamic consultants with expertise in Infrastructure, Development, BPO, N/w & Security, Agile, Digital, Bigdata , AI and Cloud technologies.

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IT Staff-Aug / Man Power Services

Hunting for Right Skills ?

Leave it to Vectro Recruiters , We have several solutions to address your staffing needs.

Build-Operate-Transfer , Bill by Day, Operate-Transfer and flexible models which will meet your demand.

Productivity is Yours , Skill is Our's . . .

Vectro R&D

Need a Business / Automation Solution ?

Vectro experts are doing market research in Block Chain , Cloud Optimization and Artificial Intelligence.

We will soon come up with an industry neutral product catalogue addressing real scalability and adaption market problems.

Cloud Assessment as a Service

The team at Vectro is uniquely qualified to assist organizations to assess which cloud solution is most appropriate for a client's specific needs based on their enterprise architecture, current consumption, security, technology stack, and governance controls. Based on our experience running these IT cloud operations, evaluating the current market offerings and contributing to the design and technology roadmap for many of the offerings available, Vectro is expert in recommending the most appropriate cloud solution for your organization, support the selection process and ensure implementation is successfully executed.


Value Leakage ?

Studies convey that 80% of the IT Organizations go through value leakage driven by lack of productivity , Automation and skill gaps. Vectro will help you to arrest the leak and save up to 40% of your IT operations cost.

Is BlockChain a dream ?

No Worries, Vectro block chain experts will not only help you build the business case to adapt blockchain but also provide solutions and expert guidance in delivering value to business by eliminating up to 70% of middle man costs.

Current Platforms : Ripple , Hyper Ledger & Multi chain, Open Chain, Corda, Quorum & Ethereum


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